Kampus ITS Sukolilo-Surabaya 60111
031-5994251, 5947274, 5945472

Terms and Conditions

  1. ITS works with payment gateway service providers namely Midtrans in providing various payment methods to facilitate SMITS payments.
  2. To make payments, applicants must have a valid KAP number and PIN to login to the
  3. KAP and PIN can be obtained by inputting Name, Date of Birth, Nationality, and a valid E-Mail address on
  4. After logging in on, applicants are obliged to fully pay the SKMP registration fee.
  5. Failed to fully pay the registration fee, applicants will not be able to continue the registration process.
  6. Applicants are expected to make payment according to the payment method chosen. Applicants can change the desired payment method by pressing the Add Payment button.
  7. Applicants domiciled abroad can complete the payment by using credit cards.
  8. Verification is processed automatically after a successful payment.
  9. Once the Payment Status becomes 'Paid', applicants can continue to complete the registration process.
  10. Please be noticed that registration fee is non-refundable.
  11. ITS has the right to take the necessary actions in the event of fraudulent actions by prospective foreign students without prior notice.